About Lanie Lynn

     A self-confessed small town girl, Elena has always had an eye for anything vintage. Growing up, her family would frequent auctions and yard sales. Elena instantly gravitated toward piles of jewelry where she would spend hours admiring the craftsmanship of artisans before her time. As a child, from jewelry to clothes, she started collecting items that sparked her imagination.

     Elena’s unique aesthetic was also influenced by the timeless styles in old family photographs. While gathered around the slide projector with her parents and sisters, Elena would sketch designs that would unknowingly inspire her future jewelry line.

     Following her parent’s advice to chase after her dreams, Elena left small town Ohio and pursued a career as a labor and delivery nurse in New York City. Although her day job was rewarding, Elena found herself looking for a way to express her creative side. What happened next can be considered serendipitous – Elena underwent hip surgery and needed to stay home and recover for 6 months. She used her downtime to start her next endeavor. Elena began learning about the history of costume jewelry and started selling it at local flea markets. Although she would feel a tinge of sadness each time a unique piece was sold, she noticed how the jewelry brought happiness to her customers. This inspired her to start her own jewelry line that captured some of her favorite styles from pieces she once owned.

     Eponymous to her childhood nickname, Lanie Lynn is a brand that combines Elena’s love for vintage style with modern jewelry aesthetics. She brings some of the most unforgettable styles of yesterday into the 21st century with pieces that are simple, elegant and wearable. With each piece coming straight from her heart, Elena hopes that more precious memories are shared and made by wearing a piece from Lanie Lynn.