The Story of Jewelry and Lanie Lynn

Posted on October 31, 2015 by Elena Schelich

     Jewelry has always been a part of human culture. Even women in the earliest times understood how effectual these small trinkets could be. Jewelry was (and is) used to make a statement about the person wearing it, whether that is an expression of wealth, style, or affection. Many members of all societies have jewelry, but a rare number have the artistic intelligence to create jewelry. A jewelry maker must have an acute sense of modern as well as antiquated styles, and a great eye for beautiful pieces.

     As a young girl, I rifled through auctions and yard sales to find beautiful vintage jewelry. My eye always found costume jewelry that brought me back to a previous time. Whether it was a ring that made me feel like Elizabeth Taylor, or earrings that were the epitome of art deco style, I treasured these discoveries and used them as inspiration for my own jewelry line. I understand the artistry and skill that is needed to create these wearable pieces of art. When you put on my jewelry, you are transported back to a different time. You feel like a work of art.  Lanie Lynn draws inspiration from art deco style and gives its customers “vintage style with modern jewelry aesthetics.” Discover vintage regality in your contemporary world with Lanie Lynn Jewelry today!

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